666obrosey asked:
did you stop making packs? :(

I’m taking a break for now, I didn’t enjoy it that much anymore

Anonymous asked:
i really loved your packs and your acc but you unfollowed on twitter and i dont even know why

omg what, I never unfollow people on twitter I’m barely active anymore. I sure as hell didn’t do that on purpose love 💋 what’s your @ let me follow you again.

Anonymous asked:
why dont you start making packs with the new header size?

because I don’t know how to

Anonymous asked:
post a selfie please i wanna see how gorgeous you are

I posted one but I’ll post it again sweetie

Anonymous asked:
that person was being rude w u and ppl expect you to handle this like wtf

I’m saying, I’m always nice but i just took the request in the wrong way like,… It did sound rude though

Anonymous asked:
Baby dont listen to those anons all your packs slay and you arent rude at all

thanks my love, means a lot!

Anonymous asked:

oh my god sweetie!! Love you’ Thank you!

Anonymous asked:
u r so mean but ur packs slay

I’m not mean at all, the request she sent me was just rude so I replied

Anonymous asked:
a GOOD justin pack please.

excuse me? I will not make a pack for you. What did you expect man…